Love LEtters from
Our Couples


Darby & Emma 

 I was drawn to The Acre primarily because of the nature surrounding the home - the green grass and big beautiful trees have a way of making you feel like you’re not in Abilene, Texas anymore. The classic home is intricately decorated and designed; it provides cozy accommodations for a small group of people. Meanwhile, the outdoor space could not be more perfect for an intimate and special event or gathering. The unique combination of simplicity and sophistication made The Acre the perfect venue for my wedding.

I will always treasure the moment on my wedding day when I took a step back to look at the backyard to see so many of my beloved friends and family in one place. The Acre provided the most beautifully organic backdrop and environment for us to gather, fellowship and celebrate such a joy-filled day!

The hosts of The Acre were incredibly easy to work with and made the entire process smooth. They made us feel at home and truly welcomed which gave us such a stress-free and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend The Acre and really believe that it is such a hidden treasure that Abilene has to offer!


Maggie & ChriStian

When we were planning our wedding our main thought was that we actually wanted to spend time with the people driving or flying in from all over the place to see us. We wanted a place where our entire bridal party could stay and hang out before the wedding. The Acre made that happen for us! The house is so cozy but still has plenty of room for everyone to sleep comfortably. It was a dream seeing our friends chatting on the porch, tossing a football in the yard, and spread out playing card games and eating snacks in the kitchen. We kept joking that we felt like we were in a Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot!

One of our favorite memories from our wedding day was seeing how relaxed everyone was. It was so nice seeing everyone casually hanging out in such a beautiful back yard and talking with everyone easily without feeling crowded. People we adore were meeting and spending time together at picnic tables or sitting on the blankets we had on the grass. There were friends and family talking by the pool and even some family in the kitchen. And of course everyone’s kids playing on the play set and running around the open space! The Acre made us feel like we were hosting a party at our own house and everyone felt so comfortable. It made the day feel so much easier and more fun.

If you’re considering The Acre for your celebration, just do it!! We recommend it to everyone. Some of our favorite memories ever happened that weekend at The Acre, and we are so thankful. Rachel is super easy to work with and just loves what she’s doing. It makes it all the more fun!


Morgan & Carlos

There couldn’t have been a better spot for what we wanted. Being in town but with the feeling of being in a remote, quiet, peaceful setting. Easy to find and something different. I have been to a million and one weddings at all the venues in Abilene- the Acre made our wedding really unique. No one had been there before. It was also homey, something that was a must have for the feeling we wanted for our special day.

Since we rented the whole house getting to spend the night before with all my favorite girls at the house was wonderful. We really enjoyed having that hangout time in a place big enough to relax and spread out without the stress of driving to or from a hotel. We could really settle in and make that our weekend home. We got up and had a special brides breakfast the next morning and there wasn’t the added stress of having to go somewhere, we were already there!

I don’t know how to express with words the feelings of being at the Acre give…simple, elegant, homey, love, peace, warmth, all wrapped into one. It set the mood perfectly for what we were wanting. Our pictures turned out so beautifully and really showcased those feelings in such a beautiful background.



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